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February 11, 2011, 4:09 pm
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So my year of making things hasn’t gotten off to the ideal start. I was so enthusiastic about new beginnings at the end of last year but then some time usurping things occur along with more than a few rejections and I’m feeling a bit low at the moment. However I do have lots of new work to post. These are some photogravure’s (similar to etchings) that didn’t make it into a works on paper competition! Usually they’re not so talkative.

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Taking the risk to create something from nothing is always a bit scary.
Don’t let them get you down. Try a new approach.

Fashion photography with 6 foot girls.
You have the eye for it.

Comment by Stephen Meltzer

Rejection isn’t an insecticide 🙂 it’s not perminant. Your not just good looking, you have artistic talent, a great life perspective and work that expresses that and your personality. If you had an exhibition, like nearly every artist, most people who saw it wouldn’t buy anything, but you just hang there until you get a buyer or you get someone who wants to commission or hire you, everyone feels low until that happens. IAdd the Dalai Lama on twitter, he has lots of tweets that can make you feel better.

Comment by Jake

Bobby don’t try a new approach, I know you’re not going to but I think that is a poor suggestion. If I were hosting an art competition you would be accepted in a second. These prints have a beautiful way of playing with the density of ink, and really take advantage of the subtleties of the intaglio process. I think you should be awfully proud of them.

Comment by Kate

You are officially The Maker of Beautiful Things & it’s not a perfect day for us when you’re not in this space. We like your art so who cares about stupid critics. We just want you back!

Comment by Paul Cobb

There’s so much beauty in this site, in the pictures depicting you and in those showing your creativity. It’s a pity you are taking such a long break, and I hope you are well.

Comment by Gerd

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