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July 18, 2010, 7:37 pm
Filed under: made by me

create your own species. These are the very early stages of an art project, I hope to make some of these into photogravue prints for an exhibition in October.

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Oh my God, they are absolutely, stunningly, beautiful and strange.

Comment by JNgaio

Mmmm I think you’re on to something grand!

Comment by deezone

Thank you both, it’s so nice to get good feedback about new projects, it gives you confidence when you’re otherwise stuck in the swampy what the fuck am I even trying to say and is it even worth saying.

Comment by justaperfectday

I hear ya! But these are seriously beautiful and as far as the conceptual side, they seem incredibly loaded to me – but I wouldn’t worry about that too much during the process of making, evaluate them later down the track but for now just let them happen. I think you have the thoughts that make these happen and make them meaningful, but the delicate, intimate aspect I feel from them makes me not want the conceptual aspects to be pushed.

Hope this makes sense and isn’t utter drivel. I’m currently suffering the most intense headache that is threatening to explode my head.

Comment by JNgaio

Or should I say it makes me not want the conceptual aspects to be FORCED.

Woo! Brain!

Comment by JNgaio

Bobby these are stunning, I’m excited to see you creating and exhibiting too. It would be amazing if you went ahead with making photogravures. If you do go ahead and want any advice or assistance with printing let me know.

Comment by Kate

These are so beautiful lady. xo

Comment by caehl

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