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water dance
July 8, 2010, 12:22 am
Filed under: made by me, video stills

Stills from soon to be released ISM video ‘Water Dance’. This is how I imagine I would seduce a mermaid, if ever such an occasion should arise. More stills to come when the video is up. Special thanks to Richard for the lovely camera work. It’s hard work holding a 5D under the water when you aren’t actually a mermaid.

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These images seem ephemeral, like a summer icecream. I wonder how this Richard fellow keeps the camera steady! You make even drowning a beautiful artwork.

Comment by carlH

Please let us know how your mermaid seduction skills develop. This is something that I’m sure we would all be interested in learning. Until then, we’ll all have to be content in enjoying your process.

Thanks for sharing, yum!

Comment by Dee

Oooh that’s nice!

Comment by Jake

Nice camera. I think the Canon 5d is simply amazing.

Comment by Stephen Meltzer

Oh my goodness, I am tremendously excited about this one! Consider THIS mermaid seduced already!

Comment by Nio

thanks xoxo

Comment by justaperfectday

If this mermaid would seduce you instead – what’s in this case?

I would be in a windmill for example and could NOT help or join. If this occasion would take place, what’s in this case? Please always think of the opposite as well and try to think about the non-obvious or even hidden but maybe not necessarily bad structures. I am used to think in terms of childproof caps like your friend Von – I detected some malaises in my field. That’s why.

Comment by Alf Pretzell

.. malaises grandes I have to add – called overtaxing.

Not a seduction – meant in a friendly way – or take away of some marmelade.

This is all not solid and just far away from perfection. However – mistakes have to be corrected. As long as this is not done at extremely high systemic levels …

I do not talk of a seduction or stealing some marmelade I have to repeat. I talk of necessary childproof caps… which are my business.

Comment by Alf Pretzell

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