just a perfect day

nothing gold can stay
July 8, 2010, 12:39 am
Filed under: video stills

New equipment and new projects makes for layers of beautiful. Video stills of an idea even while still in it’s infancy is giving me  goose bumps in the eye already.

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Reflections and kisses, oh how you tease and feed our imaginations. It’s wonderful to be getting these little treats in my inbox again, thank you!

Comment by Dee

la beauté se fond dans l’eau comme un sirop de grenadine

Comment by Hervé

It’s funny to see recently taken pics of autumn leaves as I look out the window at the summer. Lovely images.

Comment by Jake

Oh my goodness, if this is the project I think it is then holy cow you’ve already exceeded what I imagined and WOW these are just some stunning stills and I can’t wait to see the finished project! WOW!

Comment by Nio

Thank you xx

Comment by justaperfectday

Amazing…..you always make such lovely pretties.

Comment by Vonny

… great! Look here, justanotherperfectday:


I am more like justeveryday…

Comment by Alf Pretzell

… meaning I am interested in everyday phenomena – as a scientist (I am even a little scholastic monk)

.. and how to change “sullied nights” to those – perfect?! – days

It’s amazingly complicated but “with a little help of my friends”!?

Comment by Alf Pretzell

It’s amazingly complicated

Comment by Alf Pretzell

… complex and complicated

Comment by Alf Pretzell

… and this justeveryday…

Comment by Alf Pretzell

… just to at least have some perfect days!

Beautiful – and a bit complex…

Good bye to the other side

Comment by Alf Pretzell

… excuse the long “E-mail” comprising


signs – at least Thanx and bye x

Comment by Alf Pretzell

I – still – hope there enough alert minds who appreciate talent for observation…

nowadays in the internet’s time

Comment by Alf Pretzell

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